Our solutions allow you to locate, analyze, and act upon your content.
Enterprises worldwide must rise to the challenge of unstructured content. Most organizations don’t have a good grasp of the content that they have. In the decade since the Internet revolution brought new forms on content to our fingertips, content has silently undergone revisions, and along the way, the copies of copies have become stale and obsolete. Duplicates and near-duplicates exist in many locations, scattered in web servers, lurking in file stores, and buried within email attachments. In many organizations, this content remains online, and their existence undermines efforts to publish and maintain one authoritative version of content.


Our patent-pending Perceva™ technology powers all of our solutions.

Solutions Overview

Our solutions allow you to locate, analyze, and act upon your content.

Video Clarity

Video Clarity breaks the piracy detection bottleneck. Because Video Clarity identifies target video in real-time, content owners boost their revenue stream by taking business actions to either monetize, block, or take-down a target video. The basic steps are 1) crawl, 2) locate, 3) identify, and 4) act. The efficiency bottleneck has traditionally been step 3, identify, which is where target videos are compared against a content owner's reference set of videos. Video Clarity gives both revenue and control back to the content owners--a true win-win solution.

Content Clarity

Content Clarity scans, inventories, indexes, and classifies unstructured content to help cope with the overwhelming amount of content that flows through a company daily. It is the only classifier on the market that can index both text and image content. Find essential content. Identify stale, duplicate, near-duplicate, and obsolete content. Integrate with leading content repositories such as TeamSite™, SharePoint™, and Lotus Notes™. Content Clarity indexes text, file, and graphic (JPEG, GIF, Flash™, etc.) assets by similarity. Unlike traditional crawlers and mirror tools, it analyzes and catalogs only the content that you specify, making it invaluable for rapid, targeted application at a business unit level.


What's the secret sauce in Video Clarity's speed breakthrough in piracy detection?

Video Clarity uses a patent-pending technique to index the millions of individual frames that comprise a collection of reference videos. Each video frame is transformed into a vector of numbers, and then rapidly indexed along with other frames by a Nahava proprietary technique that partitions high-dimension spaces. Building on that breakthrough, it achieves unprecedented scalability by employing the same height-balanced tree technology that powers modern, high-performance database engines.